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  1. Hi, is this RQ good for my IA? What factors contribute to the wastage of lunch food at AIS’ cafeterias and how can food waste be reduced?
  2. Thanks very much, I am very stuck with my RQ and I found this in my school account activity in thinkib.net. Thanks very much for your help
  3. A student has identified that lots of food is wasted at lunchtime in the cafeteria. She has also noticed that younger students don’t seem to throw away as much as the older students. She thinks she could link this to her ESS IA What topic would this fall under in the syllabus? Suggest a question that could be asked about this scenario? Try to make it focused, relevant and coherent. Outline a short methodology that would allow her to obtain sufficient and relevant data to enable her to answer the question you have proposed Can anyone help me with this. This can be very
  4. I have a question for people who was already finish their IA HL. Talk about the Business Management Internal Assessment HL, except for those whose use business from their family, for the other people, how can you approach the company that you choose for primary research? Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi, I'm currently brainstorm for my RQ. I am wondering if I can choose an NPO for my HL IA. The problem is that this NPO I want to do is run by high school students. It is like an sub-project of an bigger organization. It just basically like an extracurricular club, for student and core team to organize events. Under these circumstances, can I use this organization for my Business HL IA?
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