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  1. a very complex topic. Not that the historical topic was the most difficult. This topic is morally difficult. I am very glad that this is just a historical moment from the past, and not our reality. It's hard to imagine how hard it was for people. In this case, it is recommended to use informative sources. you can get anything from tutorials or from the internet. But keep in mind that it is very important to validate the resources you are using. You can often stumble upon facts taken out of thin air, although at first glance it may seem that this is true. In my work, I prefer not to waste time
  2. The bee is a very interesting creature. I have always admired their hard work and organization. When you look at the hives, you realize that each bee has a specific function. All of them are connected as links of a single mechanism. also bees are very sensitive insects. These insects use sound signals to communicate with each other and orient themselves in space. Bees indicate to their fellows the distance to the food source with sound impulses - something like "Morse code". it just amazes me! A bee is such a small creature, so fragile, but how much these creatures are actually much more compl
  3. This is a rather complex topic. You could write about the objectification and sexualization of women in advertising. Since this is a popular question. Most surprisingly, this technique is often used even where the target audience is women. It's so strange for me to see it, but it's so almost everywhere! In advertising for clothes, flowers, perfumes and, of course, the same food. I know very little sites with goods for women, where they do not use such dirty tricks, professionally attracting the target audience. For example, here is a personal website for ordering flowers, I regularly use it to
  4. The main thing is not to rush into the choice. Because this will directly affect your work and life in general in the future. I recently wrote a written work about how the choice of a profession affects our life and how important it is to make the right decision in this matter. You need to listen to yourself, read various information, ask relatives and friends what influenced their choice. Perhaps this will help you a lot. I myself know how important it is to find your calling in life. And education is certainly very important. So it's not scary to ask for help.You can always ask something on
  5. each educational institution resolves such issues differently. but you could seek help from the teacher or counselor himself and ask how you can resolve this issue.
  6. This is very useful information indeed! Thank you !
  7. as for me - you have chosen a very good topic
  8. Well, maybe this is not the main thing, but you should not neglect the study of the material even at the end of the semester. You never know what can be useful for you on exams.
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