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  1. Even if they don't, it's not worth taking that risk. Just reword whatever you are referencing.
  2. I've seen this on a ton of other forms and almost all of them have a dark mode feature that can be used. A small light bulb in the bottom to switch between light and dark mode would be amazing.
  3. Some kids at my school did something like this. I'm not sure how learning to do it would work out, but these kids ended up doing a livestream where all the money collected was donated to charity. A few kids donated but it was mainly those running the event who put 20$ each so they ended up with 150$ or so to donate. They were able to play games every weekend for a whole month and then called it a service project.
  4. I don't think the final semester for 11th grades are that that important, but they may have some weight over the rest of the semesters. You have to remember most college admission officers don't see your grades till they run through a program. Still, I think an improvement shows something that you put more effort in it, but It still wouldn't be ideal. Even so, perfect grades is always better than having lower grades on your transcript, so I don't think you'd get screwed over in college admissions.
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