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  1. Hey there my Gs, I'm about to start IB in a few months, 3 to be exact, and I wanted some final pointers on Subject options for myself. So I'm in a dilemma between Geo SL and Econ SL, but the thing is I am notoriously bad at Econ and absolutely despise going to Econ classes. But people are telling me to not switch subjects at this stage, which is why I am having a bit of doubt. If someone could shed some light on which is a little less challenging/doable that would be real helpful
  2. So I just got my practice grades back from my French teacher and as an exam grade I got a 5/7. I'm super disappointed and was considering taking French Phase 2 rather than Phase 4, as I think I overestimated my capabilities. Please can someone advise me on what I can do and how I should progress?
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