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  1. Thank you for your detailed response! I never expected that Here I mean Chinese A SL + English B HL, sorry for the confusion The reason why I would like to take 4HLs is that I want to keep myself competitive, +taking MAI at higher level leads me to a variety of uni programme choices (and HL maths is compulsory for a conditional offer from cuhk) I don’t want to take MAA, so MAI HL would be a better choice. I must take HL if I take Eng B (as my school only offers three choices: English A SL/HL or English B HL), but taking the reduced difficulty of group 2 subjects into acco
  2. I’m a grade 10 student, currently thinking of taking HL English B, mai, biology and chemistry together with SL Chinese A and ESS in my future ib diploma. I’m quite insecure about the learning mode in high school, I don’t know how I should study if I would like to aim for a 43-44. As I’ve been told by my teachers and friends, ib is so much about philosophy, and students have to participate in an active role during the whole process of acquiring knowledge. I am worried about writing essays and reports. As you can see (oh, well), I’m not a very fluent English speaker, along with m
  3. So I’m a desperate student from Hong Kong, currently in my secondary 3 (equivalent to grade 10 in the uk). I have been struggling between the local curriculum and ib lately, as I will have to make my decision within a few months and I am quite concerned about the ib curriculum. Here comes the problem. I aspire to be a doctor in the future, and as local med schools all require a 43-45 for an offer, so I’m also considering uk colleges, like ucl, Cambridge and Oxford, as a back-up plan. I’m a confident Chinese speaker, but not that of English. It’s certain that I would not take the Chin
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