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  1. I'm not at the applying stage yet, but from what my seniors and research have told me is that the most important thing is your portfolio. If your portfolio is not up to standard, you should demonstrate leadership or compassion (eg. volunteering), a mix of both is fine too, but more emphasis on the leadership like forming a club.
  2. UX Design, Human Resources or Journalism, I already checked that neither of these subjects are required but I'm not sure if one may be beneficial.
  3. Apologies for the repetitive questions, I'm a bit stressed. I've chosen Psychology for next year because Design's mostly seen as a soft subject for UK unis. I really want to switch thought because Design was also my original choice, I'm just a bit worried about my grades as I'm really not good at memorisation (absolutely terrible). The reason I chose Psych over Design was also because it has a lot of resources online that could maybe help me with the memorisation while I can barely find anything for Design Tech. Would you guys recommend me to stay in Psych or switch?
  4. I'm going to take design tech standard level, but then if I do take it, I'll have no phys/bio/chem. Would colleges look down on this? Do you think I should change to physics sl? [for context, I plan to do management or human resources]
  5. Yeah that's why I'm worried, but I'm not a big fan of Global Politics either. Argh, guess we'll see.
  6. Ahhh thank you, I'm definitely going to taking Physics, looked through the syllabus and I find it more interesting too. And I'll be talking to my teachers about the group 3 choices
  7. Specifically, out of Psychology HL and Global Politics HL, which one do you think is easier in terms of memorizing? Adding on to that, any subjects you WOULDN'T recommend to someone who just can't memorize anything?
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