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  1. hey guys i'm kind of new here so idk how it works but like i've chosen ib visual arts hl and i'm a part of M22. the theme i've chosen is mental illness but my teacher doesn't really like it and we've just recently started working on our process portfolio and stuff so do you guys have suggestions for artworks that i can make related to mental illness because i haven't even started yet, and like artists/artworks who i can use for my comparative study?? it's urgent as i'm almost done with 11th grade and i haven't really done anything. thank you so much:)
  2. Hi everybody! I need a topic for my ESS IA. But since I’m in quarantine, I need one that doesn’t involve an experiment. Also it has to be easy cause I don’t have much time. Any ideas?? and if possible can you give me 2 ideas?
  3. hi guys so my research question is What role did Kalighat painting play in Jamini Roy's artworks? jamini roy is an indian artist. so can u tell me how shud i start my research like what should i already know and if u have any other suggestions please help. thank youu
  4. can u help me elaborate and give me some pointers if any. please it wud be a lot of help. thanku smm:)
  5. Hey guys, So we're supposed to create an outline for our English IO. The two text I've taken are "The Masque of the Red Death" and the uploaded image. My global issue is The Portrayal of inevitability of Death. I haven't started writing anything yet. Please suggest any ideas for this as I have no idea what to do. Thank you
  6. thank you so much for your advice. I'll definitely look into it.
  7. Hi guys so i have to submit a proposal for my ib ee and i've decided to do it on psychology. A few questions that I've come up with are to what extent does having an eating disorder affect the social development and holistic development of a student? how has the new media treatment of skinny stars actually affected body perception of teenage girls? please let me know if these are good and if u have any more ideas
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