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  1. Hello, thank you for replying. I have no preference of which university at all to go to but I am thinking of studying psychology. I know that I will get higher in the final exams. Do you know any universities in london maybe that could accept me with a failed predicted ?
  2. I just received my ib predicted grades and I got a 22 predicted ( i was aiming for a 38 lol). Yikes I know very bad and i know I could be a hopeless case. But I've always gotten high grades and good test scores but covid-19 ruined everything for me which led me to do a little bad by the end of grade 11 and beginning of grade 12. But I then worked really hard and did well by the end of semester 1 in year 12. But I have a big problem. I got predicted a 22 which is a fail and I don't know what to do because I really wanted to apply to university in the United Kingdom (anywhere I don't care). UK l
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