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  1. Ibclown


    I will say talk to your coordinator and consular to see what are the best options, at this point they just want you to graduate instead.
  2. Practically done with my EE and my tok teacher wants us to do a third meeting with our supervisor. But i dont know what to talk about in that meeting since my essay is already done. Any advice 😬??
  3. Usually dont get answers but i look them up.. but its kinda werid that she does not want to help you work it out... talk to your ib coordinator !
  4. My Ib coordinator said you can absolutely make a youtube video maybe even tiktoks? not sure -like tips and tricks -cooking -movie reviews -art videos
  5. Advice my teachers gave us is to work on the subject you are really good at to balance out the ones you are not so good at. For example for you Biology (5) and SL English Language and literature (6) seems like the ones you are good at. So work very hard on those to achieve a better grade. Dont know if that made sense :)?
  6. Okay so im not too good in any of my classes? but i want to achieve a IB diploma What do you guys think i would have to get (worst case) to get the diploma? Like which classes should i focus on to get a perfect score to balance out the rest of the classes? I have Tok - pretty okay lang lit HL - not sure Spanish Hl - very bad Visual Arts - very good Math sl - very bad Biology - okay but not best History - bad
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