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  1. hey everyone! so I've really been struggling with Pamoja Psychology HL and I was wondering if anyone had any advice also if you're doing the same course (HL psychology class of 2022), would anyone like to start a Whatsapp groupchat? Maybe it'll be useful for asking questions and just general understanding. Let me know Thanks!
  2. hey everyone, I'm not sure if anyone has asked this but basically I'm taking English A HL Literature and it's been so difficult. I'm really enjoying it because my teacher is really good. But I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on the course in general, like how could I improve my analytical skills and comparison essays? Has anyone gotten a 7? How? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi! Is this still available? I've really been struggling with math and I promise to not change the password or anything if people want to share your account. this would honestly be a lifesaver thank you!
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