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  1. Who already tested this mathematical approach to win some money? Please tell me if you have strictly followed it and what amount of money you managed to grab? It looks very suspicious to me that the winning can be so easily achieved. I am playing on RichPrize now. The investment is not that big and I think I will give it a try, even if I lose my money in the end. It is interesting.
  2. It's difficult, but - start early. The sooner you start thinking about the topic of the essay, the more time you will have to collect material. When your brain is tuned into thinking about a question, the information seems to catch your eye. The same thing happens when you memorize a new word: it starts to seem that it occurs more often in the text. The point is that you become more receptive to a certain type of information, paying more attention to it. If you can't write an essay, you can always contact the free essay writing service. Good luck.
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