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  1. Hey, I´ve to hand in my extended essay subject choice form in two weeks and I thought I could write an extended essay in the category world studies. I don´t know anyone at my school that has done that, so I wanted to ask if there´s anyone who has written an essay in that category and maybe share their experience and tell me if they would recommend me to do that or not. I thought about taking the subjects English language and literature and History. I take English A HL, but not History. However, I had history at my old school for a few years and was quite good at it. The reason why I want
  2. Hey Maya, thank you for your help! You got some really good points and after reading all the comments I decided to go with Physics HL. Have a nice day, Lanada
  3. Hey, First of all thank you so much for replying! Unfortunatly my school doesn´t offer Business Managment, otherwise I would have taken it. For now I think I´ll go with Physics HL, for exact the reasons that you mentioned. Thanks for your help, Lanada
  4. Hey, I´m currently a DP1 and I´m unsure about my SL and HL choices. I can´t decide whether I want to take physics HL or dance HL. I know that both subjects are really different, but my other subjects are English A HL, Math Analysis SL (I didn´t pass the placement test for the HL class), Self-thaught SL and Economics HL, so I have no other option than to take either dance or physics HL. I`ve no prior dance experience and am therefor scared to take at as an HL. I personally like dance, however I´m not that passionate about it and currently already struggle with my mixer. I liked physic
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