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  1. I recommend you watching films, TV shows or any TV programme that is originally in Spanish. I always try to watch series in the original language (usually English) and I can tell I have improved a lot. You can start with subtitles in English, and when you feel ready, change them to Spanish. You will understand Spanish soon.
  2. You just have to cook and make photos of the food. You can try to elaborate some good-looking dishes. In your final project you can include the photos and some comentaries about the process. You will learn cooknig skils and you will have a good time while dong CAS.
  3. So, I'm in my second year of the IB Diploma, and it is very stressful. But I'm also doing the last year of High School of Spain (it is called “Segundo de Bachillerato”). I’m wondering if this happens only in Spain (doing both courses at the same time) or in other countries too. You all know that IB subjects are complicated enough, but I have 8 other subjects apart from the 6 of IB (a total of 14 subjects, I'm in HL Maths AA ). Anyone knows how to survive this? Because I don’t see myself doing (and passing) the May exams and the June exams (in Spain we have to do special exams in June to e
  4. Anything. I know people that cook, dance, paint, write... Almost everything you do in your daily life can be included in CAS. Try new activities that you always wanted to do, nobody will judge you!
  5. If you want anything, just send me a message
  6. I just can say I love you all Thanks💙💙💙💙
  7. I've just read this on Instagram and I've thought about you: "I hope beautiful things happen to you and when they do, I hope you can believe you are worthy of every single of them"
  8. The first time my Maths teacher started talking, I didn't understand a thing, and I thought 'well, I just need some time'. One year and some weeks later, I still don't understand nothing. All of my classmates are discussing the answers and I'm trying to know what are they talking about. Some of them look at me with a complex of supperiority. And I know I'm not the smartest, but I work hard. Very hard. And at the end, my marks are better that theirs. It may seem that your thoughts aren't as interesting, but you will be surprised when you find out that some people are fascinated about them.
  9. First of all, you matter and you are not a disappointment. I know how are you feeling because I've been there. You think nothing matters and you can't do more, but I know (an deeply you too) the world hasn't seen you yet, and you shouldn't be thinking about ending it all. Sharing it is a sing that you aren't weak. You need help. You should start talking with someone you trust (like a friend) so they can help you. And if you talk to your parents they will tell you that you are their world, and you can never disappoint them. If you cannnot find anyone talk to a teacher, they may direct you
  10. My Philosophy exam is the next month and the teacher hasn't explained nothing about it. Someone who did the Philosophy Standard Level can give me some tips, please.
  11. You can study the IB in Spanish all over Spain. There are a lot of High Schools here that offer this programme completely free.
  12. If I were you, I would make a list about the reasons why I should study the IB programme and the reasons I shouldn't. Make sure the first point has more reasons and they must be convincing. Something I have learned this year is that the grades are not important. The IB is a long run, you can't pretend to do as fast as you can, but you should never stop. The grades that really matter are the ones you obtain at the end of thr programme. I used to be the best at class, but now I struggle to pass. I know that I can't stop working. If I study all the days a little, I would pass the IB programm
  13. I think this idea is amazing, now if I feel like I can't do more I'm going to read all this quotes. I'm sure it would make me feel better. Here is mine: El trabajo que más vale es el que nadie ve. Las lágrimas y el sudor que produce tu esfuerzo cuando estás solo. Eso es lo que va a hacer que llegues hasta donde quieras. The most important work is the one that noone can see. The tears and sweat that your effort produces when you're alone. That is what will make you arrive as far as you desire.
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