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  1. I am really grateful il I could help! Don’t hesitate to ask if you will come up with some questions while you’re re-writing it and be prepared to alter your first full draft a lot (at least, that’s what I did 😂) Wishing you good luck with your IA!
  2. Hi ! I have just finished my IA, and I can give use some advice (my teacher predicts me 23/25) So, in the first part of the IA you will need to do exactly what you have practiced in Paper 1 : évaluation of values and limitations of the 2 main sources (you can use more in the investigation, but 2 main sources and only 2 should appear in the first part) with reference to their origin, purpose and content. Be critical, choose sources from different countries with different view of the problem you are investigating, or sources of different time periods. Then, in the body I would recommend u
  3. Just in case somebody would be in a similar situation I actually got the authorization for non-regular Diploma! 🥳
  4. Hi, I cannot give you a very valuable advice as I have not yet received a grade for my EE, but I have faced the same problem as you have - I wanted to write something in history (the only subject available in my school close to what I want to study in uni) but make it art history connected. All in all, I wrote it just in history, as I have read that the IB can penalize you for not choosing the correct subject. Thus, I would say that you should be very accurate with your choice of topic - if it will be too philosophical, you will most likely loose some points.
  5. Hello all! I would like to study in France after graduating in 2021. However, in the process of my application I have faced some difficulties. Could someone who has already applied to France or is planning to, give me some advice and share your experience? P.S. I am not applying to Science app or any educational institution that would know the IB. Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone! I would like to ask for your advice and to share your experience in the matter. Currently at the second year of IB, I have been faxing difficulties with the registration for the finals. I had to take 7 subjects to study (English B HL, Maths SL and Russian A SL as compulsory subjects, History HL, Psychology HL , Spanish an initio SL and Biology SL as required by the IB). However, I have learnt that I will have to choose one additional subject that will not appear on my Diploma. The only possible subjects for me to choose from are biology and Spanish ab initio, however, for
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