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  1. Hello, So recently I've been working on my EE and I've noticed that my research question might be a bit too constraining, yet I have no idea what amount of depth will suffice. Plus, my draft is due September 6th so I would like to get everything sorted by then. My current RQ (translated) is: "How does the representation of hope change from x to y through the use of rhetoric in Angela Merkel's speeches about the corona pandemic?" I'm thinking about removing the part about rhetoric so that my research question just focuses on how the representation of hope has changed in angela me
  2. Hey thanks a lot for the info! This is a super confident boost especially considering my situation right now. The thing is that I had a my EE planned and everything but the rule I wasn't aware of was that the book can't be anything we have seen in class. Now im in a hurry to find a detailed (but not too specific) EE topic over which I could actually write enough about. What topic did you choose?
  3. Honestly, you should just get it for yourself. Its much more convenient that way, plus I think your parents would understand that its a study tool and be more willing to get it. Plus once you get it for yourself you can rent it to others
  4. Hey, how did your EE go? I'm doing it for almost exactly the same reason as you, but i am not sure what to write about exactly. I mean what are the examiners looking for? One of my EE questions was to analyze how Angela Merkels speeches changed from the beginning of 2020 (beginning of covid) to now. Furthermore I wanted to analyze the difference in the speeches of Merkel and Söder or something related to science fiction novels (since I enjoy science fiction A LOT). Any advice?
  5. Same. Its possible to create a file that youre browser can read. This way the password cant be seen by anybody else.
  6. Hey, I appreciate you doing this for everybody. If you send me the details I can try and turn the paswward into a file so that everybod can access the website. Hope to hear from you!
  7. I'm currently looking into a German B HL EE because I have lived in germany since I was 4 years old and am pretty fluent in it. My other subjects include: Physics HL, Maths Analysis HL, Global Politics HL, English A SL, Sapnish B Sl. Which one of these topics do you think would be the best overall for an EE.
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