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  1. if you just solve it I don't think you will get a good mark, find smth unique to do with it
  2. Yea it is possible, but it depends on the school how you can do it. You should talk with your ib coordinator. IB Math AA HL is really easy if you practice a lot (from my point of view). Also, which university do you want to go? It depends on the program you want to attend. Btw if you want to see a piece of ib math aa hl, you can see a vid I made about complex numbers (ez problems): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7u_uk5Z5e8&t=504s ( give a like :)) If you want any other advice pm me
  3. It depends on what the program requires you. But the options you gave are okay. Specially Math AA HL.
  4. well I have also participated in maths olympiads but that's only an experience it's not what cas is looking for. C - Creativity , you must do something that help you develop this A - Activity, just go and work out S - Service, I created a ngo worldwide helping more than 300 business and in my free time I like to make math aa hl videos about different topics, if you can help me give me a like and comment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7u_uk5Z5e8
  5. Hey guys, since we are in quarantine and I have no clue what else apart from working out I can do for CAS (and also bc I like maths a lot) I started to make vids about hl math aa topics (in all my tests in math aa hl I got a perfect score or a nearly perfect one so I think I understand them well). I would like you to see the video and give me some suggestions if you have time please . Thanks! This is the link for my first video of some basic problems of complex numbers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7u_uk5Z5e8
  6. I want also to pursue comp. science and the only one that I think is necessary is math hl. The other ones you can choose in whatever you prefer and you are sure you can do well and have a good score.
  7. I've already finished my ee in maths hl also and I did it in one non-euclidean geometry figure specially. My supervisor has already checked it and he really likes it. I think that as long as you know how to develop your ideas, use a good level of maths and demonstrate that you know what are you doing you can do it in whatever you want. My first topic was an IMO problem, but I changed it since I saw better options that I could further expand and work on them. But it is still a really good topic as long as you can expand the problem to make it own. If you need any advice pm me.
  8. leochavarry

    IA HELP!

    Hey, I'm struggling to come up with an idea for my Physics SL IA since I am having online classes due to COVID. I've been thinking about the relationship between the rate of temperature cooling down of an object and the thermal capacity of a surface. But the environmental temperature will be an issue since I don't have air conditioners. Therefore, I was thinking also about doing something related to the The Coandă Effect and the mass of smth. What do you think? I really need some help . I need to do everything at home, what do you suggest me?
  9. I think the first year you can handle it, but I see it really difficult for the second one. I am taking Math HL and Physics too. Specially for Maths AA HL, if you aren't gifted, you will really need to practice a lot, even if you are really good at it (That's my case).
  10. Hey, recently I've been struggling with coming up with a proper research question since history is my weakest subject. I've decided I want to do it about something related to Stalin but I am not sure yet, I have until 4th march to decide. After researching a lot of it I came up with The "Holodomor" in Ukraine which Stalin tried to cover it and clear his personality. My question is: To what extent is the "Holodomor" from 1932 to 1933 in Ukraine a determining factor in explaining Stalin's cult of personality? (I am taking SL) Any suggestions would help me a lot, as I said, history is
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