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  1. Hi Kopytekstefana, Since you're highly interested in universities in Canada, you can look into this website https://www.universitystudy.ca/ as it is very thorough. Depending on what you want to take up in college, you can look into various programs and courses available here. Also, they list the requirements for admission (including the minimum scores and subject requirements). If you have one, I'd recommend talking to the university counselor at your school for further clarifications. Good luck!
  2. Hi nwvmp, Unless it is affecting the possibility of you getting into your dream college, I wouldn't recommend requesting a remark. The outcome is quite uncertain and definitely not worth the cost. Good luck!
  3. Hi aby22, I think your subject choices are a perfect fit for engineering, since the essential subjects include HL math and HL physics. However, to enter the top universities around the world, you will require top scores. Hence, I suggest you start looking into the entry requirements for the top colleges and keep them as a goal for you to focus on and achieve. Good luck!
  4. Hi Sophie! I’d strongly recommend asking your English teacher or the Extended Essay Supervisor about this, since they’re responsible for relaying the rules from the IB to you. Super excited about your topic of choice and good luck, maaya
  5. Hi y'all, I have a mini TOK exhibition for which I need to choose ONE object (from the attached list) that answers ONE of the 35 prompt questions (attached below). Any suggestions for which prompt or object I should choose or any advice for the same? Thanks in advance! TOK Exhibition Details.pdf 2.3 Creating the BQ2 exhibition (student handout 3) .pdf
  6. Hi Barberh, May I ask why you want to drop out of school?
  7. Hi Claud, I'd suggest getting a couple of different notebooks, one for attempting textbook questions, and one for important notes, and one for anything else you may require like additional practice. This is just a little piece of advice and hope it works for you. Good luck, Maya
  8. Hi Lanada, Apart from the reasons mentioned above, I think Physics HL will be the best option for you. Unless you can see yourself pursuing a career in dance in the future, it isn't a very prospective option. However, since you liked physics in your old school and are currently on a level 5, I'd say Physics HL is a safe bet. Also, don't get discouraged by the amount of work entailed with a subject because if any subject is taken at a Higher Level, a lot of work is a given. As long as you devote enough hours and are dedicated, I think you'll be excellent at physics and can easily achieve a
  9. I'd recommend a durable backpack that has thick straps so as to be long-lasting and not be a burden on your shoulders. You wouldn't require a very large backpack as there's rarely an instance when you have to carry all the IB books, since they're pretty heavy and the unfortunate occasion doesn't seem to arrive very often.
  10. Hi ClassOf2022, That is a completely acceptable idea, no worries! I'd also like to add that this is a very noble and unique idea and I hope it becomes a grand success. Good luck!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm currently a DP1 student, taking 4 HLs (Math AA, Physics, Economics, Psychology), and 2 SLs (French AB initio, English). I'm supposed to be dropping one HL to SL before or during this following November. As of now, I'm not sure what I want to do in the future, which explains my subject choices. Among my 4 HLs, I'm really enjoying Economics and Psychology, and Mathematics has always been my forte. However, having skimmed over Physics in the past two years, I'm having a really hard time coping with the pace and content taught. And so, I feel like the right decision
  12. Hi VB1, Thank you for offering the opportunity. Coincidentally, two of my HLs include Economics and Math AA HL. Feel free to send over the details of your tutoring initiative. Thank you!
  13. Hi VB1, Apologies but I am unable to read your question.
  14. Hi Yamato22, I believe I'm in the same boat as you. I've just started DP1 and taken Math AA HL too because I've enjoyed the subject in the past and still have no clue about what I want to do. Trust me, I understand where you're coming from. My school believes in progress too, and so, instead of being graded out of 7, it feels like we're being graded out of 5 because it seems like the maximum possible grade as of now. However, just remember, this in no shape or form indicates that you're going to stay with a 2 for the rest of the two-year course. To ensure progress, my teacher has st
  15. Hi SarahDragon, I was facing the same dilemma and so, I contacted my school's CAS Coordinator. She suggested an extended family member (someone who doesn't share the same last name as you), a family friend (an adult, of course), or a PE teacher as a supervisor. If a PE teacher is supervising your home workout, ensure that you provide enough evidence of your progress and proof that you've efficiently reached your goal. As a suggestion, provide some videos and pictures of you working out at home, instead of just pictures of your smart watch so as to add some substantial evidence. Good
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