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  1. Hi VB1, Apologies but I am unable to read your question.
  2. Hi Yamato22, I believe I'm in the same boat as you. I've just started DP1 and taken Math AA HL too because I've enjoyed the subject in the past and still have no clue about what I want to do. Trust me, I understand where you're coming from. My school believes in progress too, and so, instead of being graded out of 7, it feels like we're being graded out of 5 because it seems like the maximum possible grade as of now. However, just remember, this in no shape or form indicates that you're going to stay with a 2 for the rest of the two-year course. To ensure progress, my teacher has st
  3. Hi SarahDragon, I was facing the same dilemma and so, I contacted my school's CAS Coordinator. She suggested an extended family member (someone who doesn't share the same last name as you), a family friend (an adult, of course), or a PE teacher as a supervisor. If a PE teacher is supervising your home workout, ensure that you provide enough evidence of your progress and proof that you've efficiently reached your goal. As a suggestion, provide some videos and pictures of you working out at home, instead of just pictures of your smart watch so as to add some substantial evidence. Good
  4. Hi all, As part of an assignment, I have to find an experiment which was about the Placebo effect, or used the Placebo effect in some way. Any suggestions for which experiment I should choose? Thank you!
  5. It depends on your school but learning sign language can potentially be considered as CAS. However, make sure to check with your CAS co-ordinator in school before going through with anything, good luck!
  6. Hi all! I've just started my 2-year journey in IBDP i.e. DP1. I'm currently taking Math AA HL, Economics HL, Psychology HL, Economics HL, English SL and French ab initio. Hence, what study material (study guide, course companion or something else) would y'all recommend I buy for these aforementioned subjects? Any other suggestions would be appreciated too, thanks!
  7. I think that's a fantastic idea! It could be like an online study group lol
  8. Hi Layla, are you still looking for information for your website?
  9. Thank you for making me aware of the EasySevens site. Have you been tutored by them previously?
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