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  1. of time just to think and then apply the concept derive when you have limited time and need to solve the paper. It takes a lot of time jus to think and then apply concept. Better to memorize them so concepts can be linked easily!
  2. Hey, I have done my IA on E.coli Bacteria, I have investigated and measured the MIC Zone of E.coli with Eucalyptus Globulus. I confirmed with my teacher and everything was fine, i did it. But now I got to know that, MY marks will be deducted because E.coli requires temperature above 30 degree Celsius, and IB does not allow the temperature to go BOVE 30 DEGREE CELCIUS ? Do you have any advice to suggest?
  3. Many Thanks for that!...... do you have these for chemistry?
  4. If possible, can you please send file for Additional test your self question and there answer for chapter 9 to 12....... I would be obliged for your help
  5. Do you have Additional test yourself question from chapter 9 to 12?
  6. Hello guys, can someone share with me additional test your self questions?
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