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  1. I know I'm too late, but someone else may find this useful. While you sleep, you consolidate your learning into your long-term memory. The more sleep and better quality sleep you get, the more easily you'll be able to remember the things you learned the day before. Aim for 8-10 hours of sleep per night (when possible). Also, the hours of sleep you get before midnight count for twice as much rest and recovery as the hours you get after midnight, so if you need more time to get work done go to bed and get up early. Most people are more productive in the morning anyway.
  2. Hi fellow survivors. I am starting the diploma program this year, and I am not sure how to get organized. During the pandemic I go to school every other day, so some content is provided online, but we still get a lot of handouts. I also prefer to take notes on paper, as I feel I retain information better that way. Any thoughts on how I can stay organized?
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