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  1. Accepted to Sauder with 29. Yours should come soon!
  2. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. with that being said, it doesn't hurt to start off with a little bit of talent!
  3. Change of topic aha. Sorry Economics EE. Topic: To what extent are the prices of IPad the main determinant of demand for the 13-19 age group? Primary Research: survey with high school students get a some sort of reply from APPLY PR. Ideas so far -Get number of ipads sold in a quarter vs the price of the ipad (calculate price elasticity of demand) -Short run vs long run . tend to be inelastic in the short run and elastic in the long run. thus price does not play a huge role as demand determinant short run. -Ipad as luxury goods. (more elastic) -Other determinants of demand. That's what I
  4. I am pretty sure the admission opened at least a month ago, since that's when I first started this.
  5. this is my personal essays for UBC application it would be awesome if you guys could read it over http://kidme13.wordpress.com/ the password is 123456
  6. I emailed UWaterloo. They say that if your school doesn't offer HL math, SL math is perfectly fine! to apply The score getting in is different from the score needed to maintain your acceptance. I think you need a bit higher than that ?
  7. Sorry guys, I had a typo, I took SL math and got a 7.
  8. How good is the UBC commerce program compare to other school's programs? like ivey and mcgill?
  9. My grades are like this: Math SL: 7 French SL:5 Chemistry HL:4 English HL:4 Econ HL:5/6 Physics SL:5 I am applying for UBC commerce, Queen's Commerce, Waterloo Math, McGill Finance, Western Ivy. Do I have a chance at those universities with my grades? THANKS
  10. I also covered this about a few days back, and my topic was how the news media had manipulated our ability to form opinion. you can talk about media manipulation , and how it uses WOK to appeal to us.
  11. What I am sensing from this question that we are not challenging whether or not the theory is valid, but to comment on its popularity. the 2 theories I used are evolution and capitalism.
  12. Our teach wants us to write a commentary essay on ethan frome. I know the theme of the book, as well as the meaning of the passages. But I just don’t know how to put it all together. Any help?
  13. Hey, everyone! I am about to finish my grade 10 Pre-IB shortly, and I am going to enter grade 11 IB next year. I know most of you guys have graduated or are currently in IB, so I want some advice from you guys. Here are my marks previously and my marks right now. Grade 9 Grade 10 Religion 87 Math (gr. 10) 93 Math (gr.9) 94 History 93 English 84 Science 90 Gym 91 French 71 (difficult course with department head) Geography 83 Religion 91 Science 91 English 78is
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