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  1. You will quickly learn how to study. Take notes in class, do all your homework, and work together with other IB students. Study groups and splitting up work can really help. Be friendly and don't get too competitive against them. And make sure you spend time with your friends and do meaningful things outside of school. You will be fine! A lot of people start IB not knowing much about it, but they learn and do great.
  2. I did D and G and got very lucky because the long answer questions were on things I actually knew! Bio was my last exam and I found myself getting burnt out toward the end. I had already graduated plus I was sick, but I ended up getting the exact right questions. I think I got a 5, probably the best could ever get in a science. Anyone else do D and G? What did you think?
  3. I likewise feel strange now that it has ended. Yesterday, after my last exam, felt more monumental than my graduation ceremony a week before! We've invested so much of ourselves into IB and now it's done. The next stage of our lives is about to begin. By God's grace, I'm ready to start my new adventure!
  4. I don't think it's fair to say that about girls and physics. What is fair to say is that western culture tells girls they can't do math and physics, and SOME girls internalize that message to the point they trip themselves up and don't do well. Plenty of strong women do great in math and science fields and there is nothing different about the female brain than makes it less prepared for those subject areas than the male brain. I took AP Physics and got A's, and I'm female. Anyway, back to the question. I also took Bio HL and hated it because it's so much memorization. I'll admit my awful biolo
  5. jbird

    Paper 3 sections

    Yes, that's right. You can answer any three questions, but there will be only a few questions for each topic (2 probably) so you have to really know multiple topics well. Especially because one or both of those questions might be on something you didn't study. You might get a question on how the Mexican Revolution (I'm doing the Americas option, so I'll use that example) influenced the arts, but say you only studied the political and economic development of the Mexican Revolution. And the other question for that topic could be on a revolution in a country you didn't even look at. So basically,
  6. From what I've personally taken, the hardest is HL Bio (soooooo much to memorize) and the easiest is Spanish B SL. My Spanish teacher's really good, though, actually a native speaker; and my biology teacher doesn't actually teach us anything, so teacher quality probably has something to do with how hard a class is...
  7. I think it's not so much about how many quotes you know, although adding quotes does help. Instead, it's about answering the question while analyzing specific lit techniques.
  8. I did the biological and sociocultural factors of OCD. I was pretty happy because I had a lot of info to include, but by the end my hand was hurting. I think before May is over my right hand will have incurred some kind of overuse injury. I wish IB let us type on the exams, and then we wouldn't have those issues. Plus my handwriting is awful!
  9. I would be careful with this topic. Are you doing this as an English essay? Because I don't think it would work for that. English essays need to focus on literary features of the work, not the social or cultural implications of reading it. I'm a big believer in picking topics you enjoy doing, but if this is an English essay, I think you need to completely revamp your question.
  10. Yeah TZ1 got pretty good questions. I studied my rear off for this test because I really want a 7! Which long answer question did other people pick? I picked the sociocultural one about factors influencing conformity and talked about Asche's studies and modifications of it. I had a ton to say about conformity. On the others I was afraid I couldn't write enough and really just had one or two things that would work.
  11. I wrote about that prose piece from The Sea. I also talked about the violent diction, plus the effect of the first person narration, the long sentences, and similies. I was mad because with 10 minutes left to go I realized I should have talked about metaphors instead of similies, because there are more of them and because they are more vivid. Oh, well. I think I did pretty well. The nice thing is that there are so many components of your final score for English that if you screw up one commentary or presentation, it's not the end of the world.
  12. jbird


    This is probably too late to help you, but go to the IB Psychology Revision site: http://ibpsychrevision.blogspot.com/ Also look at the sticky that was just posted with the Paper 2 help. It has the abnormal and health options. Just be able to have studies to address the demands of every learning outcome and analyze the studies, think critically about them. Don't just say Researcher X found that depressed patients have lower serotonin levels and leave it at that. Explain whether Researcher X's work is valid, problems with it, successes, ethical issues, etc. If you've been looking at psychologic
  13. I read The Importance of Being Earnest, too. Hilarious (maybe because we read Death of a Salesman right before it so anything mildly funny seemed hysterical) but I always felt like I was missing something deeper with that play. Death of a Salesman is depressing but beautiful. Hamlet was good, too. Had a lot of suspense, although it has a depressing ending!
  14. I agree! I LOVE HL English and actually don't mind doing homework in that class. I liked Death of a Salesman, though, what don't you like about it?
  15. Wow, I can't imagine pulling an all nighter. Probably the least amount of sleep I've gone on is 4 hours. Unfortunately, I just crave sleep to the point where anything less than 7 hours is painful. I get grouchy, rude, and miserable, with a splitting headache all day. I think I have an abnormally high need for sleep. Anyone else like me? Or am I just a weakling?
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