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  1. https://discord.com/channels/230296179991248896/308665249966456832
  2. I just had my first paper and got a 4 in it and our school considers this test for a 10% of our predicted grades (the ones that go to college). Is there still a great chance for me to get 7 in my final predicted grade overall??
  3. Hey there! I was wondering if there's a group chat of sorts for Lang and Lit HL students or if not, is anyone interested to form one? I believe it would be a great way to share resources, tips and maybe even crib about the IB oop I don't have a preference for the app/site to use but yes a suggestion where we don't divulge our personal details would be the best (M22 Student)
  4. It would certainly be preferable to take AI SL and get a 7 as Unis will first check your science HL requirements first + it would be healthy to balance out your med science hls with a comparatively softer subjects
  5. thats wonderful! I happen to be taking an online course as well but i wasnt aware i could include it in CAS, thank you so much for letting me know!
  6. Does anyone have any tips for online CAS activities? Considering the ongoing pandemic I am not allowed to step out much but would like to fill in my hours as soon as possible through online legit means ( preferably ones that look great on college applications)
  7. The main objective of Visual Arts is to get you to experiment with different media and explore techniques out of your comfort zones, I hope you are doing well on your journey to be an illustrator
  8. I would also like to refer to the mentioned resources please!
  9. I wear certain bracelets and I refill and keep my favorite fountain pen in my pouch that i find usually bring good luck to me. I also try to keep everything out ready the night before and avoid any quarrels before leaving the house but that I think is more for keeping myself calm
  10. I think too keep ALL options open you rather take Maths HL as some courses specifically demand that and while I dont understand why your school doesnt offer chemistry as its vital for future STEM students but given your situation, i believe certain colleges ( US i believe) offer makeup necessary courses but my knowledge on that matter isnt sufficient to give you a clear answer
  11. I totally empathize with you as this is the very anxiety i planted in my own head after choosing my subjects (did I not leave enough options open for myself? What if i dont get into my chosen program and not have any other alternatives?) and all this even though i had always known i dont want to work in the STEM field even if I got good grades in those subjects ( i maintained an overall percentage of 95%+ in my previous year). But guess what choosing the subjects that you like and studying it with interest to get good grades would be less of a hell IB journey than struggling through subjects y
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