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  4. I messed up choosing my IB subjects bc I didn't know what I wanted to apply for in Uni. I'm good at maths and took advanced courses in 9th and 10th grade. I currently take IB history, econ, langlit HL and Maths, Bio, Spanish SL. B. 44 predicted, 7s in everything but history Can I still get into these unis, or UCLA/UCB for econ?
  5. So i'm nearing the end of T1 and my grades are as follows: 776- HL Lang Lit, Economics, History 777- SL Biology, Math AA, Spanish B (taking exam this year) If I maintained these grades to be predicted so, and also got three extra bonus points (thus a 44) and a good LNAT score, would I have a shot at Oxbridge? I'm afraid that my combo doesn't look too academic. And would it be wise to switch to a 4th HL? I'm acing SL Bio and might switch up. Thank you!
  6. I want to apply for Law at top UK universities, which often require 776 or 777 at HL and 40+ overall. My native language is English and I'd say that I'm above average at studying pure literature. I'm having a lot of trouble picking between the english courses. I need to get a high score (preferably a 7). I'm also taking HL History and HL economics and I'm worried that taking Lit HL might be overwhelming for me. Do universities prefer Lit HL over Lang lit HL? I have to make the decision soon.
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