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  1. Hey guys, I'm making a group chat on insta since no one else apparently has yet. Send me your insta igns in a private message and I can add you to it.
  2. Hey guys, I've seen multiple discussions where people are saying they're going to make a group chat on instagram for us all to save each other from the lovely, lovely thing called IB, but I haven't actually seen anyone make the actual chat yet. So I'm going to make an insta chat. If you send me your usernames in a private message (or if you want you can write them here but it is more private by message) then I will add you to the chat on instagram. Reminder: THIS IS ONLY FOR US STUDENTS GRADUATING IN 2022
  3. I would say just think about what you see and take a guess at what might be happening. And ask yourself the questions: why is this important? why would the creator of this image portray this scene like this?
  4. Maybe show them some videos on YouTube about why studying the IB is one of the best options. You could also go through the different subjects with them and try and compromise by taking subjects they would prefer you to take (and are maybe slightly easier). I would really try to find a compromise if possible and if that's not possible then maybe go to your school counselor and talk to them about this. They could help you. Hope that helps.
  5. There's definitely a lot to talk about with the title of "The Masque of the Red Death" and the colour palette of the image. I think the image is really interesting because (from what I can tell) the dead are killing the living. I would 100% talk about that.
  6. I take economics HL and I love it but I also agree that physics HL would definitely suit your interests. The difference between econ sl and hl is basically just calculations. You do more calculations in the hl exams than in sl exams. Make sure you check the IB syllabuses online, I'll link them here and you can look at the differences in curriculums of SL and HL. https://www.ibo.org/globalassets/programme-information/dp/hl-economics-en.pdf <-- economics HL https://www.ibo.org/globalassets/programme-information/dp/sl-economics-en.pdf <-- economics SL https://www.
  7. I'm always down! I know tons of other people who would love to as well!
  8. Hi guys, I have a research topic that I am really interested in and I have started the whole EE process early and have been doing some research for about a month now (outside of school). We have to know our specific question in like a week and I have one, I just want to see what you guys think of it. I want to do a cost versus benefit analysis on the economic and environmental effects of nickel mining in Indonesia. Here is my question for my topic: Are the economic benefits of nickel mining in Indonesia worth the environmental costs? I have some questions about it that I'd
  9. Hi, I would definitely ask your teacher or your supervisor this!! Whichever one, I definitely think you need to make sure you clarify that in your essay.
  10. ooo I really want to know this too. I'm in the exact same situation.
  11. Definitely do not take Biology. I've seen people with tons and tons of notes that they have to memorise. Out of GP HL and Psych HL I would say GP is easier in terms of memorising as it is very much a practical course with case studies. Psych you will need to know the names of different methods or studies. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions!
  12. Vale. Lo siento, mi español no es bueno porque estudio español. Estoy estudiando HL aplicaciones e interpretaciones, pero conozco un poco sobre tu clase. HL matematicas es muy difícil para todos, entonces usted necesita saber que no está solo. Tambien, tu profesor es un parte muy importante para el éxito. Necesitas usar tu profesor y preguntar todos tus preguntas. El parte más importante es: necesitas usar tiempo cada dia para matematicas. Por ejemplo, cada día, despues de escuela, usas uno-dos horas para matematicas. Es muy útil. ¡Todo esto te ayudará mucho! Norma
  13. Yeah it's not for everyone. I would actually ask people in your school who are in that class. It really depends if it is a good teacher or not. If you want to watch some YouTube videos to see what the class is like, check out my teacher's channel. Her channel is Megan McLain and her profile photo is a picture of a dog. If you go to playlists on her channel, she has a playlist for ESS.
  14. Well, I personally think the startup shows more initiative and personal skills than taking a 7th IB subject. I think this is a question you need to ask teachers and other people in your school to get a proper understanding of what universities like more and what would be better for your future.
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