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  1. My teacher has given us 4 weeks to do our business IA which a lot of us don't believe is fair because it is worth 25% of our IB grade for this HL class and we are relying on the business we are working with to respond to us quickly and efficiently. It's not fair on the businesses or us. How long would you normally be given for this IA? (how many months?)
  2. Absolutely!! I've been looking into this myself because I'm taking HL maths (need I say more lol). The HL scores are just guidelines for what they want, it's not required per say. It may depend on what course you are applying to, but then they would specifically say like we want you to have a 6 in HL biology. That kind of thing. Hope that helps, India
  3. Every school has different processes in this situation. You need to talk to your school asap. Either the teacher or counsellor or someone else. Hope that helps
  4. I suggest looking up the guides for both subjects. For example look up: "Economics extended essay guide" and "psychology extended essay guide".
  5. I think it would be a lot better if you use it for charity. You could take a little out of the profit to pay for the seeds, equipment, etc. But I think you can't be earning a profit for yourself.
  6. Well if you like science I suggest psych. However I absolutely LOVE econ and I think it is a really useful course. HL econ isn't that much different from SL, it's just more calculations but super easy maths. I'm not sure about the english. I hope that helps a little. Remember though, this is 100% your choice. Look at the syllabus and check out what you like the sound of the most.
  7. Out of the courses I take I'd say HL maths is pretty hard. In general though I think maybe HL analysis maths or physics. What do you guys think?
  8. Overall your combination looks good to me! Both economics and history are super useful subjects so I think whichever you choose out of those it will be a good option. HLs look good for the courses you are interested in for uni. Maybe double check with a school counsellor or teacher to get their opinion?
  9. This is probably not what you want to hear but I really suggest sticking it out. Have you talked to your counsellors/parents about this? Also as a fellow Brit, I know that a lot of universities in the UK pretty much require the diploma (well, I think). BUT know that this is 100% your decision. Mental health wise I totally get what you're going through. I personally suffer from anxiety and stressing myself out so much. What you've accomplished in the last two years with the entire pandemic situation making it that much harder, is absolutely amazing and you should be extremely proud of your
  10. Hey guys, I'm making a group chat on insta since no one else apparently has yet. Send me your insta igns in a private message and I can add you to it.
  11. I would say just think about what you see and take a guess at what might be happening. And ask yourself the questions: why is this important? why would the creator of this image portray this scene like this?
  12. Maybe show them some videos on YouTube about why studying the IB is one of the best options. You could also go through the different subjects with them and try and compromise by taking subjects they would prefer you to take (and are maybe slightly easier). I would really try to find a compromise if possible and if that's not possible then maybe go to your school counselor and talk to them about this. They could help you. Hope that helps.
  13. There's definitely a lot to talk about with the title of "The Masque of the Red Death" and the colour palette of the image. I think the image is really interesting because (from what I can tell) the dead are killing the living. I would 100% talk about that.
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