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  1. hey thanks for the advice. I really mean it. I feel like personally English is too subjective, because i really don't know how to study for it, unlike chem where you have direct objectives. Do you do chem HL, how do you find it?
  2. Hey guys, I am a 2021 nov grad, and cause of corona, everything is stuffed. I just completed my first exams, and things are not looking good. I got a 50% for chem sl and a 5/40 for english hl paper 1- apparently because i compared instead of individually analyzing. Anyway, I have to decided to dedicate my entire life to studying for my remaining time in IB. I got a chem tutor, and he recommend that I switch my Chem Sl to Chem Hl, because apparently English Hl is much much much harder to get a 6 or 7 in the long term game! But for english Hl, its seems like I barely
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