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  1. Hi, I have psychology SL and it is something that I personally regret. It ins't what you probably imagine and it is very time consuming and there is absolutely no reason to take it unless you want to study psychology or something similar. If it isn't what you want to do then don't choose it for your own good!!
  2. Hi, I have both Psychology SL and English B HL. I would advise you to avoid taking psychology HL at all cost. It is very difficult to achieve high mark in SL and I believe that it would be way harder for HL. So, from personal experience avoid taking psychology HL. English B on the other hand is quite simple and relatively easy to get high mark and universities in UK accept both English A and B except from Law. So, I suggest you to take English B cause it can be an easy 7 compared to psychology.
  3. dimik

    Maths IA

    Thank you very much for the feedback and the ideas!!! I will try to include something to make it more complex!!😀
  4. dimik

    Maths IA

    Hi, I am in need for more ideas about my Maths IA (Maths A&I SL). I investigate the relationship between sleeping hours and working hours. I already performed chi-square test, regression analysis and I created box n' whisker plot, but my teacher thinks that it requires further analysis. Thank you in advance!!! 😊
  5. dimik

    Maths IA

    Yes he did, though he is still asking for more data, so I am still searching. However, your idea really helped. Once again thank you very much!!
  6. dimik

    Maths IA

    Thanks a lot!!
  7. dimik

    Maths IA

    Hello, I really need some help with my maths (applications and interpretations SL) IA topic. My teacher keeps rejecting my topics because there are not enough data! I am in desperate need for a hint, I would like something related to swimming or even better synchronized swimming or music. Can you please help me find a topic? Thanks anyway!
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