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  1. mines are the same except french :))
  2. thank u! but would u also know if it will be a problem if I took French in junior classes like 6th and 7th? could I still take French ab initio? and if it is a possibility then I might actually still remember a little so then It would be easier to study French then being COMPLETELY new to it?
  3. i have a problem choosing subjects that will be right for me. in my igcse I took Spanish as a second language. but for ib, I want to take French ab initio. is this the right choice or should I continue with Spanish?
  4. my subject choices are very similar! I was thinking bio hl chem sl math ai hl psych hl. but thank u so much
  5. so I heard this site is great for solving ib related qs! so im starting my ibdp in a month or so and have a problem in deciding which subjects will be good for me. I know that in the future I want to pursue psychology and so I have gone with psych hl. but i don't know what other subject can aid my path. any views?
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