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  1. my school wants to offer computer science at both levels before they can offer chemistry at any level and that's so confusing to me. they said I can't do chemistry as an extra subject, because our law only allows 42 hours of school per week, and having chemistry means 2-4 extra hours and thats somewhat illegal i guess now I'm considering doing either my national program that offers all sciences at a "standard level" compared to IB, or going to another IB school thats in english. I'm in a French IB school rn so it's easier for me to stay in this school rather than changing to an Eng
  2. Okay, so I want to study medicine in the future. Problem is, my school only offers Phy/Bio at both levels but no chemistry. And I'm also required to do English b HL. So my final choice for HLs would've been: English b, Biology and AA. SL: French a, Physics and History. At this point I'm not even sure if it's worth doing the IB at all.
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