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  1. Hello! I did my EE on B&M, and I have to say it was my favorite part of the IBDP. I did mine on motivation. I investigated Gloria Jean's Coffees workforce motivation and provided recommendations for improvement using different motivational theories. It was such a fun task, especially when doing the primary research. I would advice anyone to do their EE on b&M as it is very straightforward and there is a wide range of topics you can choose from. I am honestly not sure about psychology since I don't do it, but like I said, I would definitely advice you to do your EE on B&M.
  2. The best advice i could give you is; DONT PROCRASTINATE.
  3. I am Algerian, and even though i speak arabic fluently, I still prefer reading and speaking in english.
  4. What is the story anyways? i still dont get it
  5. How can Business X conduct an effective market research to decide on consumers' needs? I dont think its good enough. But its really all i could think off :/ I hope it helps you in some way and GOOD LUCK. I need to do my IA too
  6. Mine has to be Exacerbate. I was so bored one day I literally opened the dictionary and decided to learn a new word, and i did!
  7. Just because no one has seen God, it doesnt mean He does not exist. The wind for instance, can we see it? No. But can we feel it? Yes. I defnitely believe in God. Is there not enough evidence that some supreme power exists?
  8. Hey. I wanna do journalism in the future and you can see the subjects i chose; I had a very limited choice due to our small numbers. But I would def say choose as many languages as possible and see what you are interested in. For instance, I love business, and so i chose it . GOOD LUCK!
  9. A dolls house by Henrik Ibsen and The Stranger by Albert Camus, were my absolute favourite
  10. Hey guys. Okay so I am gonna do my EE on Business and Management studies. I am gonna start working on it this summer. I was wondering though how long it took you guys out there who did it on Business to actually conduct your research and write it. I know many have written it literally the night before, but I feel like thats too risky. So please give me an insight on how you did yours. Appreciate your responses! MaryamB
  11. Hey guys. So I am gonna start working on my EE this summer, and i am obviously doing it on Business. However, I was wondering how long it took you guys to do your research and how long it took you to actually write it. I know many have written it literally the night before it was due, but I feel like its impossible to do it with business. Appreciate your responses! MaryamB
  12. Raffles International School. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
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