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  1. omg i'm really scared i'm gonna get like a 3 in math My teacher predicted my a 5 but I really don't think I did very well.
  2. I thought the questions weren't very clear. I still think I did pretty well though.. What did u guys think of the exam?
  3. I answered the question about one biomedical treatment and one individual treatment for developmental psych i answered the question about attachment and how it may influence relationships
  4. Ok so I took my paper 1 and I'm really disappointed. I answered everything for section A but for section B I barely knew anything! I only answered a few of the easy questions and didn't even know how to take a guess or make something up. If I did really well on section A but really badly on section B, could I still pass with like a 4? Also, how much does each exam count for in the final grade? Thank you!
  5. I focused on one disorder but learned basic stuff for another disorder. It is unlikely that u will get a question asking u to talk about the biological, cognitive, and sociocultural etiologies/treatments for 2 disorders. So what I would suggest is to study one disorder thoroughly (basic information, etiologies, and treatments) and then for the second disorder study one etiology and the equivalent treatment. Good luck
  6. Do you have the IB psych book? It has everything in there.. It is split into three sub-chapters. Since you don't have much time, I would suggest studying as much as you can of these, focusing on one sub-chapter at a time. For paper 2, you get three questions that you can choose from for each option. If you study at least one of the sub-chapters thoroughly, you should be able to answer one of these questions. Good luck
  7. iBzG

    Specimen paper

    I won't miss them out completely for paper 1 but I thought for paper 2 I could since we are gonna be given 3 questions. There's just so much to study. I really dislike developmental psych. Thx
  8. iBzG

    Specimen paper

    I was wondering, what do you think are the chances that the questions used on the specimen paper will be used on the actual exam? I've been reviewing everything but I feel like I would be much less stressed if I could leave those questions out. Especially for paper 2 HL. So what do you guys think, might be on the actual exam or pretty safe to ignore it?
  9. I have my IB Psychology semester exam on Tuesday and it is going to be paper 1 (new syllabus so cognitive, biological, and sociocultural). It's basically material from the whole year and I'm kind of freaking out. I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START. Any tips or helpful notes? Thx.
  10. I got a handout with one of the studies i think. If its urgent I could type it up, if not I can scan it for you on Monday.
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