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  1. Hey there, random person on the internet! I’m Shraavsi, a high school student and I wanna make a video starring random teenagers from around the world and the challenges they’re facing due to corona virus. You basically need to answer a few questions (such as How long you’ve been under lockdown, What you miss the most, What’s one thing you do a lot these days, How your school was affected etc, etc) and film yourself answering these questions. And then I’ll make a video with all the responses I receive. I still have positions open for several countries so hit me up for more details if yo
  2. What do people have against the money heist English dubbing?
  3. Oh my gosh. You are my angel. Thank you for replying to both my posts with such clarity. Thank youuuu.💜💜💜
  4. Hey! I did the icse too. So is like the research work in ib difficult? Because I’ve heard that that’s what icse students find the most difficult to cope up with. Also thank you so much for making it clear that I won’t need tuitions. I guess now I just need to make sure I don’t fret that I’m the only one not attending tuitions in my class.
  5. Hey! In my country tutoring is a business run by adult teachers and not students outside of schools. I'm going to be attending quite a prestigious school this August(2020) but even though everyone is supposedly smart here, they all attend extra tuition classes. The school teachers are really good and the school asks everyone to approach the teachers and not enrol for tuition classes but nobody listens. On another note I have been studying a national curriculum upto grade ten so i have no exposure to the teaching methods of the IB. My board was quite focused on memorisation and rote l
  6. Hey! I'lll be starting the IB, August 2020. I have about two months of freetime so I was wondering if there are any things I can do to prepare myself. Someone recommended learning the MLA Style citation technique so I'm doing that. I'm also doing a precalculus course on Khan Academy. My subjects are HL math aa HL economics HL global politics SL chemistry SL english a SL french b I've never done economics in my life before. So what would be a good resource (ONLINE!) to study it? Anything else that IB students need to do during the school y
  7. something related to statistics about like car manufacturing or export?
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