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  1. Paper 1 felt rather difficult, but alright.. Paper 2, however, was a joke. It was impossible! Anyone else thought so?
  2. I'm fairly certain that if you flip AC to make it CA and then add that to AB, you can find BC. If you've ever taken Physics, vectors makes much more sense. Yeah; or simply subtract AC from AB to get BC. (same thing as you just said but expressed a bit simpler)
  3. Hmm. Seemed much easier to me than previous ones, because it only had a single question about probability, and those are usually hard.
  4. You know what? My bad I confused that question with a question from Paper 2. :/
  5. Well, I had AB as my answer originally, but I tested it in the form that they asked for and it didn't work...
  6. LOL I mean grade 6 not 6 points. ahahaha ok yea thats reassuring. umm my teacher showed us the way they graded in 2008 and to get a 7 you needed 67-90/90 points.. randomly for paper 1 and 55-66/90 for a 6. but for paper 2 it was 74/90 for a 7. he told us it changes every year.. so we cant be sure That's what I had at first, and got the same answer as in the question before. But then I noticed that was wrong! And fixed it. If I remember correctly, it was (-25 -12.5)...
  7. Hmm. I remember doing it but I don't remember my answer, sorry! I just remember, it was like: the normal had gradient of -1/8, that * gradient of line at that point must equal -1, so the gradient at that point was 8. I don't remember any more. Sorry :/
  8. Ah sorry I can't help with that one, didn't have enough time to do the integration... But I also got 3pi/2 as the x-intercept!
  9. Sorry I don't remember that question! :/ can you explain it more?
  10. Are you sure? I seem to remember that it was 2/3 he would miss it, and one third he would catch it... Anyway, in the end I gave up, and just put 0 3 6 1/9 4/9 4/9 isn't 3 supposed to be 2/9? Nope, because it's the probability that he misses it on Monday and catches it on Tuesday (1/3 * 2/3) PLUS the probability that he misses it on Tuesday and catches it on Monday (again 1/3 * 2/3)
  11. Are you sure? I seem to remember that it was 2/3 he would miss it, and one third he would catch it... Anyway, in the end I gave up, and just put 0 3 6 1/9 4/9 4/9
  12. I'm pretty sure that the IB made a mistake in that question, and it got me stuck and I lost around 20 minutes (causing me not to have enough time for the exam)... It said that Jose misses the bus 2/3 times, and 1/3 times he obviously catches it. But then, in that table you had to copy and complete, under 0 euros, it should have been: (probability of missing the bus) * (probability of missing the bus) = 2/3 * 2/3 = 4/9 when they put that it was 1/9... Can anyone confirm this? I'm thinking about going to talk to my teacher...
  13. I disagree with that idea because at the end, the author explained that the moose became dangerous to the people. Also, I walked out after an hour because I had nothing else to write, so I only wrote 2 double pages and half a side...
  14. haha yeah, I was thinking about what the plural was.. moose, mooses, meese? ended up using moose though
  15. What did you think? I'm timezone 0 and I thought it was insanely hard.. Option A had extremely difficult texts and option B had 2 different types of texts, the poem being very strange. Ended up choosing option B but wasn't happy :/ You?
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