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  1. Hey guys, I'm decently well-versed with both English and Chinese literature, therefore naturally I thought about doing a comparative EE in category 2 (a translated Chinese text, and an English text). However, this has never been done before in my school. I am, however, very passionate about these texts. If anyone has done one or is in the process of doing one, I'd appreciate any enlightenment with regards to this! Thank you so much! :))
  2. Hey guys! I'm currently in the process of choosing an EE novel and as someone who is interested in the brilliance that can go into childrens' books, I was thinking of doing an EE on a childrens' book. I mean many childrens' books are considered "classics" and have enough to write about (especially if I include multiple). I was thinking of doing The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling or like The Happy Prince and Other Tales, Oscar Wilde. However, I've been told that IB requires works that have substantial literary merit. No one whom I know of has done a childrens' novel for their EE, I think. What
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