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  1. Helloo!, I just just started writing my research proposal and I am kind of stuck in the methodology part. If I were to collect primary resources, should I stick with one method, like interviews. Or would it be better if I do more than one?
  2. I'll consider doing that thank you so much !! It's just that most of the time, I get anxious whenever I think about EE
  3. hello everyone who might be seeing this I'm struggling rn, I've just started my EE, and I don't even know where to start (I'm doing a business EE btw), is there any suggestion on what to do and not make any mistake at the same time? like, should a structure my EE first? chat with my supervisor? my head is going all over the place.
  4. Hellooo, I'm in the process of creating my proposal for EE, I'm choosing Business Management, with the following research question, To what extent would a merger between Yahoo Japan and Line be successful in increasing market share in order to tackle competition? falling in the topic Marketing Planning Does this seem focused enough for a research question for Business Management? And does my topic relate to my research question? And if it isn't, can anyone give me suggestions on how to fix my research question? (I'm sobbing rn hahaha)
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