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  1. I'm not yet taking the diploma, but I've talked to several people with these classes and done tons of research. I think instead of choosing subjects that are 'easy', or are targeted directly towards one major, you should pick a healthy combination of classes that are interesting to you, and will get you the credits to study a subject of your choice once you go to uni. Your subject choice seems pretty balanced, although you may want to reconsider taking two sciences. If science is something that you're really interested in, I think your subject choice looks great and will be sufficient for any
  2. Hey! So since the class of 2022 is starting the diploma in the fall, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a support group or Instagram chat. Let me know!
  3. It sounds like you're hard-working, so I would think so! It is a bit more work, but since you've taken some of the subjects already, it would definitely be easier. If you do decide to take 4 HL's, I would recommend to make the subjects that you don't necessarily need for uni a bit easier. That way you'll still be able to get good grades and enjoy school.
  4. Hi! If you've already studied Physics, I wouldn't take it again. Biology HL in combination with Math HL will look really good on your resume, and you'll take a class that you will enjoy. That should be sufficient to get you into the uni that you want to go to. Of course, if you want to go to a prestigious uni with a very low acceptance rate, there is always the option of taking 4 HL's- it's up to you.
  5. Hi there! Here are some ideas: Creativity: baking, cooking, start a blog or YouTube channel, sell your stuff on Depop, start photography, start an online book club, write for an online magazine, make some art and maybe share it on an art instagram account. Action: You could do yoga, try dancing or zumba, go orienteering, etc. Service: Take part in the online FridaysForFuture march, plant a tree in your garden, start a letter campaign, crochet hats for people in need, support Greenpeace and other organizations online Hope this helps!
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