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  1. Hello! If you could help me with this question it would be appreciated. Our teacher threw it on us without any lecture, and my knowledge is choppy at best. If 25.0 grams of ice at 0 degrees C are heated at a constant rate of 400.0 J/min, calculate the time needed to melt the sample completely. Show steps and formulas please!
  2. I don't have experience in the curricula of the private schools, but if you can afford the tuition, the discrepancy in experience should be worth it for your sister, although it does depend how many years she has left to complete of school. I'll say that i go to either western or churchill, and the IB at both of these schools is regarded widely as rigorous even for IB standards. Hope this helped!
  3. The most rigorous IB programs in Calgary are probably in Western and Churchill. Western focuses on history and mathematics, while Churchill's focus is a strong science aspect of IB. In general, Churchill > Western >> Diefenbaker > Pearson. Also, you don't need to limit yourself to public school as there are private schools and separate school board schools that offer IB. I can think of Webber Academy, Rundle College, West Island College, Bishop Caroll, etc.
  4. The topic deadline is due in a few days, and still no ideas...any suggestions/guiding tips? Much appreciated : |
  5. Please assess the current one that we have =) It falls under two umbrella topics: The Science and Ethics of alternatives to fossil fuels AND The Science and Ethics of Getting rid of garbage. The idea is to make blends of different fossil fuels with household garbage, including but not limited to used cooking oil (sunflower, canola, olive) and biodegradable organic material. We would like to burn the mixture and compare it to 100% gasoline, and see how high of a temperature the resulting flame could heat a beaker full of water. Depending on the calculated energy output, and the comparison with
  6. The layout I am looking for is a banner at the top, a sidebar, and a space for body text. For an example, go to one of my SIXTH GRADE (?!, please don't judge, I'm aware the color selection is terrible) projects here! http://www.odec.ca/projects/2006/wang6j2/ Unfortunately, this is for a research project, however, me and my partner lack any HTML skills or site design skills whatsoever! The tools we have access to are Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. That's about it.
  7. I am 15, Male, and I have IB exams in 2012. IQ was 138 Average reaction time (seconds) was 0.2454 seconds sheep reaction.bmp iq test screenshot.bmp
  8. they tend to inform everyone at once where i come from. if your peers haven't gotten word, chances are you shouldn't be either.
  9. So far leechblock is working well for me. As for the other routine related I haven't really tried it... Thanks for all the input you guys, I'm sure it will help me sooner or later
  10. I think what's stopping most people from actually reading the books is the cliche'd and terrible plot. What's putting me off is that in the movies, Robert Pattison's skin is whiter than my semen.
  11. Here's how a typical weekday goes: Wake up. Eat breakfast, basic hygiene, catch bus to school Get to school, rush to library (it's where all the IB kids congregate before class) Waste tutorial doing homework, printing homework, or frantically revising homework Go to morning classes, perform averagely Eat lunch, attempt to get help from teachers, lineup is too long Go to afternoon classes, perform less than average School ends Get food if I skipped lunch to cram/do homework, go home and get home pretty late Or, if I do CAS after school... Go to location of CAS activity (usually close to school)
  12. The first IB bio lab report I did totalled around 7000 words, but it really depends on the experiment and lab topic.
  13. I usually have a spectrum of music...in just about everything, including language, style, lyrics, mood, etc. It really goes without saying you'd need a few good playlists to organize my music library.
  14. My school offers French SL/HL, Mandarin SL/HL, Cantonese SL/HL, and German SL. Although I have to say, nobody really takes German.
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