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  1. this information will be useful to me too
  2. it would be interesting to read your opinion
  3. I think that playing poker you can rely only on your luck, and not on mathematical calculations. After all, they often say - "He wins because he is lucky", but they do not say - "He wins because he knows the math well." But in my experience of playing in syndicate casino free spins there was a case when I calculated a combination of numbers, but this is more of a coincidence, and it was only once.
  4. about a good question. First of all, you need to prepare well.
  5. Of course, psychology. There are a lot of economists and few good psychologists
  6. I agree with you. Now many men devote all their free time to building a career and there is no time left for dating girls on the street or in popular public places, dating sites for adults come to the rescue. I found the platform Hookupmasters, there is a large selection of sites for adults. There is an option corresponding to different tastes, even BDSM. Why not, after a hard day you can relax and spend time with the beauties on one of these sites, and most importantly, your career and reputation will not suffer.
  7. If you do not have enough information, contact the specialists, they will write an essay for you on any topic.
  8. My biggest win is $ 300, but I just started playing recently. More will come next, I hope!
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