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  1. Hey, For the essays, if you accidentally got some stats wrong, will you get marked down? or will the examiners just ignore it? coffeeaddict
  2. Hi guys Does anyone has anything about the new Grade Boundaries for History 2011??? If you have, can you post it on here ASAP Thanks coffeeaddict
  3. my sources are all in English but you can always use non-English sources and translate them back into English. I'm not sure about the IB rules regarding to this so I think you should ask your supervisor for that Hope it helps
  4. I am taking the exams in May 2011 and I need to do well to get at least 35 points and an exceptionally high result for History and Business & Management since they are the too things I want to study at uni. However, lately, I am losing my interest in History - first time this happened to me so I am struggling to get back that interest. I'm the kind of people that will not be able to work without feeling interested in something so pleaseeeeee help me!!!! Thanx a tril time
  5. I need to do an oral presentation for my Eng B course. I have no idea for what to talk about...can someone help me? Thanx =)
  6. questia (I was given an account so I dont have to pay for membership) books internet (easiest way but you should be aware of the differences between what is considered as an "academic" and "non-academic" sites....e.g. wikipedia is definitely listed in the non-academic category
  7. I dont know much about latin america but if you are interested in cuba, I think you can write something about the extent of american involvement in the Bay of Pigs
  8. well it will certainly look interesting if you are writing about a country that is not commonly mentioned about in other students' papers on in books. Also, examiners will not know much about that topic you are writing about so he/she will not really know if you mess up with certain facts. The con is that you will find it somewhat difficult to get all the info you need (that of course depends on where you live) and it will be more difficult if your supervisor is not an expert in that topic you picked.
  9. if I were you I would probably go for something like did the cuban missile crisis actually led to a thaw in the cold war relations. Again, like Sandwich said it's up to what you are interested in....and believe me, as someone who wrote a Hist EE myself it's not going to be an ideal option to write a 4,000 word essay about something you dont like...
  10. hi Bishup, there are several links to do the sheep reaction test. Choose one from this google site that works for you: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=sheep+reaction+test&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai= thanx a tril time coffee addict
  11. Hi, Sorry about the broken links. Here are the new ones: http://www.addictinggames.com/sheepreactiontest.html (Reaction Test) http://www.intelligencetest.com/index.htm (IQ Test) - scroll down and look for "start test" Thanx a tril time for helping! coffee addict
  12. Hey guys, I am preparing to write my EE this year and came up with this Research Question "How far did Kennedy contribute to America's presence in Vietnam War?". Do you think this is too broad? Should I narrow it down? Any advice on primary and secondary sources? I have started to read some books but I feel like something is missing. Can you suggest some books/web to help me?
  13. wow....you love TOK? I mean maybe it is just my school or something but all IBers from my school and I do mean all hate TOK alot. Every time my TOK teacher says we are going to watch something today my brain turns off instantly and 3/4 of the class will fall to sleep while watching. I guess having a good teacher is definitely a vital element rite?
  14. hey guys, I have finished (well... nearly...) my essay but couldnt come up with a conclusion. I was thinking about referring to the status of Germany in the post World War II period vs. post World War I. Any advice?
  15. Hey guys, Just a point of interest - what is your favourite subject in your entire "IB career"? I mean the one(s) that don't make you fall to sleep. For me History always keeps me awake - not even one temptation to sleep in class. I'm just not sure is it because of the teacher (because she is so down to earth) or because I love history (don't ask me why - I just do).
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