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  1. listen idk abt psych but im doing history hl and ITS SO FUN!!! you do have to do a lot of work (i have to write an essay every 2 weeks, a book review every 6-8 and have 2 reading seminars every week) but if you enjoy the subject, it doesn't really matter. it's so rewarding and fun, and honestly its pretty easy to get a high grade in it all you have to do is be explicit and remember the historic events (just the order and the main idea). i also wanted to do psychology (because thats what i wanna do as a career) but my parents didnt let me, and also the workload is more or less the same ac
  2. same! :)))) lmk if its already been made lol
  3. Version 1.0.0


    the_paper_2___3_bible.pdf this is a guide for how to get a 7 on your Paper 2&3 for History both SL and HL 🙂
  4. Version 1.0.0


    the_paper_1_bible_2015_11_17.pdf this is a guide for how to get a 7 on your Paper 1 for History both SL and HL 🙂
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