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  1. Hello, IB people, does anyone would like to share some 7 or higher score of any courseworks or essays below: 1) Economics EE 2) Economics IA 3) Business Management EE 4) Business Management IA I do not mind if the documents you provide is yours or public shared, I just want to have a general idea about how high score EE and IA looks like, in terms of structure, organization, format, layout and style. I would really appreciate for your sharing. If anyone would like to share, please leave a note or contact me directly. Many thanks, Yue
  2. Hello, for 2020 exam of English, what is the percentage of Written task 1? Is it 10% or 15% of the final exmination grade?
  3. Hello, can anyone share some experiences about doing Mathematics HL exam? I mean the experiences in terms of the tips, like time distribution and techniques of answering the question. I always feel 2 hours is an extremely hectic period for me. Does anyone have any advice?
  4. Does anyone at here take CHINESE LITERATURE SELF-TAUGHT? I will do my orals in 2 weeks, does anyone have any tips or advices? If anyone has any helpful packets, we can share them, too. If you are not SELF-TAUGHT student, it doesn't matter.
  5. Sorry, it was a wrong typing mistake. I mean, I do not have a CAS experience during the summer holiday, will I get rejected from the IB diploma?
  6. If I do not have a CAS experience, will it be accepted as PASS?
  7. Does anyone know if the new Geography syllabus has a huge difference with the old syllabus? What was added in and what was removed compared with the old syllabus. I am considering if I should do old syllabus's past paper or not.
  8. Does anyone know if our CAS has to be a CONTINUOUS 18 months?
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