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  1. Hey, I think you're grades are ok! You need to speak to someone in your school about how you're feeling, and they can definitely help you with bringing up grades, bettering your mental health, thinking about after IB etc. Don't worry friend, it's all going to be ok, and if you need anything I'l be here.
  2. I started IB in Sept 2019 and my exams are in May 2021. I chose HL: English, Psychology, Latin and SL: Mandarin, Biology, Maths. The problem is... I'm really struggling in Mandarin, I did ok at IGCSE (I got a 7/A) but now I'm finding it really difficult to learn and remember the tons of vocab and the prospect of doing a speaking exam really freaks me out. Being in the lessons make me so anxious, and when I get home I know I need to do practise and learn the vocab but I can't seem to muster the motivation to do any of it. However, recently I found out that SL Chemistry is at the same
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