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  1. It kind of makes sense to have kids choose between ib and varsity. I’ve had some kids at my school try and do both and most usually end up dropping one or the other.
  2. It definitely can be a lot. At some point you have prioritize your mental health
  3. I imagine it’ll definitely change things. It’ll probably just result in there being less ib schools in general. Might do some weird stuff with college? Maybe make it more valuable to have an ib diploma? Who knows though.
  4. We've had IB at our school since the mid 90s but the program has gotten smaller every year for probably the past at least five years. I think we have less partial students then we used to also. A lot of kids drop senior year here too though for reason that are similar to what you said. Usually by the time we're through with the four years only about 25% of the freshmen who started in the program graduate with an IB diploma. But because the starting classes are getting smaller, less people stay in the program to the end.
  5. That's crazy. Our coordinator makes it pretty difficult to leave, but it's definitely possible. I'm curious about the contract though, was it legally binding?
  6. Oh wow that sounds awful. Would they just not let them leave the program?
  7. Yeah that would make sense. A lot of teachers at my school teach both normal classes an IB classes and there's only about two to four teachers for each IB subject for all four grades. We definitely got hit with COVID and the resurgence like last month too.
  8. That's interesting, I go to school at a public high school with an IB program integrated within the general school population. We started this year with 60 full IB Diplomas Candidates and now have just over 30. I wonder if the school type has anything to do with it?
  9. Since your question is a to what extent question, you are also able to talk about the ways that the League of the Three Emperors was unsuccessful in its goals, so I think your question is valid. With sources, if you can find any good ones its always good to mine the sources for that sources. Additionally, asking a librarian can get you a long ways.
  10. everyone always says not to procrastinate but it really is a good tip. set deadlines for yourself for big assignments and try your best to stick to them.
  11. personally, I wouldn't use the source, but I think you could get by with using it. A potential work around is looking at and finding the sources that are used in that secondary source and using those instead.
  12. Yeah I think so! that second question will likely give you more space to analyze, but I think either could work.
  13. I'm mostly just curious, has anyone else noticed that there's been a large amount of students either going partial IB or dropping out entirely? I'm wondering if it is a COVID thing or just a my high school thing.
  14. I think that you would want to narrow these topics. You could example Genghis Khan's influence on a specific war or compare him to an individual military tactician or tacticians from a specific time period. I'd run these by your advisor or history teacher though to see what they think of them!
  15. Hey! My schools scheduling is all weird this year and this somehow manifested in me getting into an SL Spanish class full of only native speakers and me. Last year I got by well in Spanish, but that class was probably 50% English and there were other students at my level of fluency. This year, the class is almost entirely in Spanish. I'm only two days in, but I'm only catching maybe 50% of what is happening in the class at any given time. Is there any sure fire way to improve my listening comprehension as quickly as possible?
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