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  1. My topic is how the human mind limits the physical evolution of the human race. My introduction on the topic is "shocking" the audience, and telling how we can correct the de-evolution that the human race has been going through. I'm saying stuff like we shouldn't have hospitals, we shouldn't have compassion for the sick, we shouldn't have compassion for other humans, we should eliminate obese and homosexual people,etc.... I don't believe all of the above stuff, but it's only an example. Is this too harsh for a TOK oral topic?
  2. haha hell no. This year has been hell already. I'll be in Japan for half the Summer. I might finish my EE on the airplane ride there and back (the flight time is like 28 hours combined) But apart from that, I'm getting a job, starting tae kwon do again, and gonna party every weekend
  3. At this poin t, the only purpose IB has for me is to make my first few years in college hella easier.
  4. Dude it seems like you got the shaft. If you have a hard time listening in lectures because of the stuff you learned in TOK, it's going to affect your grades and your future life. It doesn't matter if you think its true or not, it's what the teacher is going to put on the test.
  5. Anyone care to explain? I don't know how to "relate something to knowledge"
  6. [quote name='rue saint-denis' post='14586' date='Apr 6 2008, 09:18 PM']Then it would go somewhere along this line: In the novels The House of the Spirits and Chronicle Of A Death Foretold, the motifs of control and honor affect the view of virginity.[/quote] AAAHH thanks for your help so far I was going to use the paragraph I provided in my first post as the intro, but then since I flushed my thesis out so much I didn't know what I could explain further in my body paragraphs. So for my first paragraph I think I should use something like you suggested : "Then it woul
  7. [quote name='rue saint-denis' post='14582' date='Apr 6 2008, 07:36 PM']In the novels [i]The House of the Spirits[/i] and [i]Chronicle Of A Death Foretold[/i], the motifs of control and honor (better if you can find one word that fits both) support the theme of death. It seems like if you are going to contrast the two novels. I don't know about your teacher but mine said that we are only allowed to compare two works, if it was within the same novel then you can compare or contrast. The reason why is because comparing is, obviously, more difficult but it makes connections. Are yo
  8. I'm struggling in English HL and I would like to know if my thesis idea is good or not. Thanks if you help
  9. That freaked out. I couldn't believe there were so many other huge stars/nebulas
  10. [quote name='blindpet' post='13743' date='Mar 28 2008, 03:01 PM']Obviously, 'the internet' is too broad a topic. Narrow it down as suggested. The topic I should have done for my TOK presentation was Second Life, is it a good or bad thing. It's very good to make the formulation of your topic in a question cause then you can give arguments for an against it. Second Life is also highly controversial and has many excellent qualities along with many bad qualities. PM me if you don't know what Second Life is .[/quote] Yea isn't second life an online "life"
  11. I wanted to do the internet as my presentation. I'd focus on a few aspects like: -ease of communication (e-mail, myspace, facebook, forums, etc..) -Media hubs where creative ideas are shared (youtube, deviantart, etc..) -Access of unlimited amounts of knowledge -Online gaming -How activities online are replacing people's activities and hobbies in real life Could this turn into a good topic?
  12. If you read my past essay(s), you would see I don't do that. I need to learn how to think deeper about a novel, which is really hard for me.
  13. I'm a suffering IB english student in my second semester of Junior year. We've read many novels, and I read them all, and took notes on all of them. However, when it comes time to writing an essay or giving an oral presentation, all my thesis topics are too simple, and everytime I get a bad grade because of this reason. How do you make your thesis more complicated? Here's an example of 2 essays I wrote earlier in the year. The first one got an A since it was simple and it was the beginning of the year. The second one got a C because the thesis was too simple, which wrecked the whole paper,
  14. A politician in the HOR wanted to ban IB: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5...l+baccalaureate Further reading list http://www.ibsurvival.com/forum/index.php?...ic=4828&hl= http://www.ibsurvival.com/forum/index.php?...ic=1059&hl=
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