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  1. Hello, I am writting my extended essay on the effect of gender inequality on the ( much more economic ) development of a village in my country. However some of my teachers say that it is a global politics topic while other say it is a language topic. I don't know what to choose as both of the subject do have the concept on their syllabus Please help!!!!
  2. Hhello my name is marie and something bad happen to me and i dont Know what to do not running round the bush i made an ia with topic optimization which got approved by my math teacher however three months later i showed my ia of math to a friend (which already had an ia) to check my english however some days later she change her ia to the same topic i had. i warned her to change as ther could be collusion however she said it was alright later on the teacher told us we had similar work same contents and formula used and someone needed to change and as i was the first on it she was suppos t
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