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  1. Hi, I would totally be willing to fill this out, but I am not allowed to. I requested access. my email is [email protected]
  2. Hi, I am a senior taking History of the Americas HL. I have not started on my Internal Assessment, but I have brainstormed possible topics (I have questions for some, others are just topics that I wouldn't mind researching)... If anyone has suggestions on topics or improvements on the questions or anything it would be appreciated. - To what extent was technology the most important factor for the development of western US? - Salem witch trials? (I do not have a question for this topic) - To what extent did the Louisiana Purchase further conflict within the US? - To what ex
  3. Hi, I am also really struggling with TOK in general. My teacher has said that often those with the best SAT score, are most challenged by TOK. I am extremely analytical, which is not a bad thing but it can. make TOK a little difficult. I am not really able to give advice. Maybe focus on his relationship with women in his life, since he only murdered women.... I know that for most of his childhood life he thought his mom was actually his sister... not sure if that helps. Side note interesting topic!! Good luck, Sarah
  4. Yeah, but my teacher does not have a lot of experience with doing EEs. How could I improve it or add more aspects? Like should I also test chlorine or water hardness in addition to pH? Thanks again
  5. Thanks @preengles !! You are not late at all. I have not started my EE, but I am thinking of my plan. I do not think I will need to conduct research outside of my school, but Im not sure. I plan on buying materials at a pet store. I want to have 5 identical aquatic plants and adjust the pH which chemicals from the pet/fish store to raise or lower the pH of the water. I think I will have one plant with 6.8, one with 7.0, and one with 7.2, 7.4, and one with 7.6. I will conduct this experiment for two weeks while observing the plants on a daily basis. What do you think of my idea? Does anyone hav
  6. The only IB science I am taking is IB Biology (and IB Design but it is only the first year of my school having Design and I don't really consider it as science)
  7. I found myself in the same situation and I was really stressed bc no one from my school had successfully done a bio EE, but I am really into science...
  8. I've taken spanish since 7th grade (and I am in 11th grade now doing the IB Diploma program). I have always had amazing teachers, and I try to practice outside of class with my friends but I am no where near fluent. My grades are good, but I fear that I am not prepared for the test. I have looked into travelling to Spain for a couple weeks to immerse myself in the language... but I have not found a good program.
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