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  1. I don't have any experience in Economics, but for English, building off your idea might offer some interesting essays. If you'd like to talk about feminism, or sexism, it might be interesting to look at the relationship between authors and their characters, a gender and situation comparison - which might inspire some interesting conclusions about motivations for authors and the messages they were trying to communicate through their characters or plot. A comparison of time periods might be interesting as well, however I would stick to the same 'era'. It might get a bit complicated and far sprea
  2. I would go with something a little more specific, since the short title is a bit misleading in that it does not disclose the additional lactase portion of the lab. I think it has good potential, but needs elaboration. Maybe something like "The effects of pH on the ability of lactase to break lactose into galactose and glucose". Usually more than 2 dynamic variables can cause unneeded complications, but with a little tinkering and hard work I think you can achieve a good grade.
  3. Extremely high, most universities in Canada only look at grades, whether that be a good or bad thing, ill leave it up to you;)
  4. IB Schools of Ontario IBO actually has super favourable conversions from IB to Ontario marks. (See chart below or google) I go to a school in Ontario and am in the Diploma Programme, but all of our IB marks get converted over to Ontario marks for our OSSD. Given this, you would only have to get a 4 or 5 to get above an 80, however I'm not sure of the specific of your situation(i.e. whether they would convert the marks for you). Chances are they will, as Wisdor/Trent almost definitely gets many IB Diploma conversions. We're also told as a general rule that in Ontario, universities will look at
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