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  1. Hi, thank you so much for your reply! I checked the prerequisites and they don't really require anything for undergraduate medicine. Honestly, yea i am super freaked out because of reading those horror stories. I am going to try my absolute best and i figured if i spent enough hours understanding, memorising and practising even if i don't understand the topic, then i should be good right? After all, if i spend enough time practising, i'll get good marks. I am jut a tad bit worried about time management because of CAS and all. Going to try my very best though and hopefully i get through i
  2. I agree, but i find chemistry as really difficult. Even pre-IB chemistry seemed kinda tough for me so i am scared to take Chem HL
  3. Hi! So i am super worried about my EE and the teacher at my school have already discussed some options with me. I looked at sample EE's from student of the previous year and it seems like world religion is the simplest and most straightforward one. I am not so sure what to do for it though because i don't know much about all religions and mainly know about Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. I was thinking to do a comparison of certain aspect between Hinduism and Buddhism but i can't find a lot of research papers online on it which means i don't have good references for it. If you have any
  4. martial arts is most likely activity. For creativity you could maybe do drawing, dancing, singing, painting, baking, cooking, knitting etc. There are a ton of ideas online so you should check on that.
  5. Yep i'm pretty sure it does. However, your going to have to provide evidence of that like pictures of yourself playing it, recording yourself as you go to show your improvement and you need to get a supervisor to sign of the form saying that you did complete this activity. That supervisor can't be your family member or related to you so it's best to have a teacher sign you of. Maybe a music teacher?
  6. Hi I am starting the 2 year long DP program next year and i am super scared. I've been looking at IB results reaction videos and IB horror stories and seeing that so many people got results they did not expect, i am scared. I am really worried that i'll do bad on my exam or mess something up in my finals. I am also really really stressed that in year 11 I won't have enough time to study or will not get the concepts and not understand stuff to the extent that the IB requires. It has always been my dream to get into medicine and to do that in Australia, I need an IB of 42. Just thinking about th
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