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    Topic #3: Evaluate the strengths and weaknessesof reason as a way of knowing.
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    A Socialist Spectacle: An Investigation into Salvador Allende’s Effectiveness as President Grade Received: B
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    This mathematical project is an investigation into assessing the adequacy of sports cars.
  4. For Paper 1 on the Martinique [section D] part, I wrote how much I loved the festival and stuff. And I did the biggest mistake of life. I put how awesome it was and whatnot, and then (in an attempt to show idiomatic skills) I erroneously put "Je ras le bol!" T_T I mixed it up with another expression that I was aiming for. OH WELL =\
  5. With the IB results' date coming within a few days, I'm excited as many would be. Anyways, I'm feeling like a philanthropist; so, when the results come out, I'd like to donate/upload all of my IB work to IBSurvival.com as a way to say thanks and also for my documents to serve as examples to other aspiring IB conquerors. I wanted to know how would I be able to do this uploading so that it may go into the correct subject area and also put my grade on these documents so others may see it? Thanks and good luck to all!
  6. Hey all, I wanted to know who could offer some structural [how to organize], time management [1 hr planning and 1hr writing?], thematic[one work discussion, then the next work?], treatment of works [side by side comparison? listing? etc] or other kinds of advice for paper 2 English on Monday? I'm shooting for high marks! Thanks. Oh! I almost forgot, how does one mention references that will yield high marks here if you can't really provide page numbers. Also, how do you avoid plot summary? And are there any examples involving more short story/novel based paper 2s for English? Thanks again!
  7. Does anyone have any Psychology HL Paper 3 mark boundaries?
  8. Hey, I don't know if this has been addressed already or not, but... When do IB May 2009 results come out and are available online for our viewing?
  9. oh...okay. But what if the marks come out with .5 or something like that?
  10. I know they're weighted the same, but I never saw a mark boundary thing that included IOPs.
  11. Hey all, I was just curious to know what things are considered (mark-wise) to make up the English A1 HL score for the IB program. My teacher told me it is: IOP WL1 WL2 IOC Paper 1 Paper 2 I was curious to know, because I've not seen any mark boundaries that include the IOP. I've only seen them with INDIVIDUAL ORAL, which I would assume is the IOC. Does anyone know what happens to the IOP grade? Thanks!
  12. I understand the whole Chinese person needing to get higher points for a 7 in Chinese language, but why does an Australian get a 6 while an American get a different score due to different time zones? I don't get it.
  13. ...the essay help section? I'd like some help with my HL Psych internal assessment report, but the thread no longer exists. Any help? suggestions?
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