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  1. Instead of letting your courses decide your major, let your major decide your courses. If you are drawn to a certain area of study, then you should try to choose lots of courses in that discipline. If you're not sure about what you'd like to do, then I'd say you already have a nicely balanced variety of disciplines. If you still want to do HL bio, I've heard that it's a lot of memorization.
  2. Yes, so long as those options are available at your school. For example, next year I am taking English A Lang & Lit HL, Spanish B HL, and French B HL. You could even do three Language B's, but one of them would not count for diploma credit.
  3. severus91


    I think you'll get in. I had bad grades in middle school and I got in, but I'm from America.
  4. I'm applying to university with my exams in English A Lang + Lit HL, Spanish HL, French B SL, History of the Americas HL, ESS SL, and Math Studies HL. Are my classes impressive enough to get into a pretty competitive university with an intended major in Romance Languages and Linguistics? (Say University of Maryland.) I'm also thinking about starting Persian. (I also took AP Statistics last year if that helps.)
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