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  1. So the EE which I decided to do a couple months ago was a conventional history one about the muslim conquest of spain, but I'm considering switching my topic entirely while still trying to keep my EE in history. The two main ideas I have are reconstructing proto-coast salish(or another small group of indigenous languages), and writing about how the salish languages were impacted by colonialism(both territorially and linguistically). I've seen that others have been able to do quasi-linguistics essays but seeing that there's obviously no IB subject for it, what's possible seems rather vague. I s
  2. I'm taking the German B SL test this year(it's my first year of IB), but my school doesn't offer HL. I have found examples of people having self-studied a language-b, but in most cases people say it's not allowed. I'm meeting my coordinator about this soon. Does anyone know anything further about the possibility of self-studying a language B/Have done it?
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